Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Welcome to the Black Forest

On the edge of the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany, sneaking a peek at the majestic nature landscape. © Marta Pacheco

 Arriving in Freiburg at 11h30 am was hectic but the bucolic scenery running alongside the window definitely paid off. © Marta Pacheco



 The mistake that turned out to be a triumph. I always loved this ones. © Marta Pacheco

 Enjoying the pure air walking through the Autumn leaves carpet in Freiburg. © Marta Pacheco

 In Freiburg, a statue in honour of the 76th Field Artillery of the German Army, before and during the World War I, the XIV Army Corps/ XIV AK.

 Gold bear.
 The Cathedral of Freiburg also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that survived the bombing raids of November 1944, during the World War II.

 Tower from the Cathedral in Freiburg, founded in 1200.

 From Freiburg to Donaueschingen a pleasant stop in Neustadt is recommended if you want to see the Lake Titisee.

Lake Titisee in Neustdat, Germany © Marta Pacheco

 This fellows were incredible fearless in their pursuit for fresh bread. © Marta Pacheco

Donaueschingen was definitely a great stop to recommend and to return (even if we had to freeze waiting more than one hour to get the next train back to the hotel!).

 The biggest waterfall in Triberg, Germany, with an overall drop of 163 meters over 7 cascades. 

 Triberg waterfalls

 A priceless mountain sunset view in Triberg.

 Traditional buildings in Triberg, Germany.

 Good morning from sunny Donaueschingen!

 The old city hall in Donaueschingen, Germany.

  The river mouth of the Danube starts in Donaueschingen and has a length of almost 3.000km running from Germany across Central and Eastern Europe finally reaching Russia.

 The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, after the Volga River.

Next stop: Offenburg. Not so exciting but still pleasant to visit. Last stop before arriving in Baden-Baden.

 Autumn colours in Offenburg, Germany.

 The Trinkhalle in the Kurhaus spa complex in Baden-Baden, Germany, was built in 1839-1842 by the German architect Heinrich Hübsch.

 Overview of Baden-Baden, in the middle of the Black Forest, in a sunny cold day.

 The beauty of the Autumn colours was everywhere, Baden-Baden, Germany.

 Forest mushrooms.

 The Rumanian Orthodox Chapel in Baden-Baden was built by Leo Von Klenzes in honour of the House of Stourdza, Moldavia's last ruling family. 

 Mihail Stourdza was prince of Moldavia from 1834 to 1849.

 Tree in Baden-Baden. Respect Nature.