Sunday, 30 October 2016

"Yes, Minister" explains the former European Economic Community (current EU) @ 1981

Season 2, episode 5 "The Devil you know" from 1981. Minister Jim Hacker and Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey discuss the reasons why EU nations joined the common market © Youtube

Humphrey: Let's look at this objectively: it is a game played for national interests and always was. Why do you suppose we went into it?

Minister: To strengthen the Brotherwood of free Western nations.

Humphrey: We wanted to screw the French by splitting them of the Germans.

Minister: Why did the French go into it then?

Humphrey: To protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition.

Minister: It certainly does not apply to the Germans.

Humphrey: No, they wanted to clean themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.

Minister: Such appalling cynicism! But at least the small nations didn't go into it for selfish reasons.

Humphrey: Really? Luxembourg is in it for the perks, the capital of the European Commission and all that foreign money pouring in, hun?

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