Monday, 19 September 2016

Documentary: "Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorised Biography"

The North Korea's leader is both loved and feared by his people.  © Youtube

What do we really know about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? Who is the man behind an incalculable nuclear capability?

We often see self-produced propaganda from Pyongyang but very little facts have been presented to the public about his identity. Directed by Anthony Dufour, Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography seeks to fill in those gaps.

The youngest son of former leader Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-un received a western education in Switzerland. His classmates and teachers - some of whom are interviewed in the film - remember him as a pleasant student with a keen interest in basketball and video games.

He was not prepared to inherit his father's mantle of power but quickly doubled down on his quest to become a nuclear power, enhanced recruitment and training of North Korean soldiers, and successfully implemented a series of damaging cyber-attacks upon his enemies.

In spite of these extreme courses of action, many of the dictator's countrymen view him as a god. Could this be the result of a brainwashed population taken in by a carefully constructed propaganda machine?

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